VisiQuick visualize x-ray images and other important information form almost every hardware manufacture

improving the impact of their analysis and communications, increasing their flexibility and productivity and making their success even better. Together, we’re turning day to day activities into more valuable digital experiences across technology every day.

VisiQuick is designed to minimize the time spent in viewing images and other documents, and to maximize the efficiency while doing it. The VisiQuick line of products is designed to efficiently manage x-rays, dental and other images no matter what machine was used to create it. You can work with VisiQuick alone or through your own administration software.

Terminal server / windows 10 / cloud

Connecting to all brand of hardware and administration software

For more than 15 years, Thomas Monitor Systems has been a first-class partner for dental practitioners, x-ray specialists, and veterinarians on the manipulation and administration of x-ray and other images.

Today, over 2500 customers worldwide use VisiQuick in their clinics and laboratories for analyzing X-ray-and intra-oral images, letters and documents, with numerous display possibilities, communication and measurement features.